Large Tables & Desks

Edison Design Co.

The Brooklyn

Inspired & perfectly crafted with high quality steel, creating an essential atmosphere that holds true to the New York City identity. Each base has an original characteristic finish that makes it rustic, unique and fitting to its owner.

Edison Design Co.

The Hudson

An everflowing force, The Hudson ceases to change as the city around it always grows. A true symbol of vintage, this versatile desk represents simplicity in design, industrial integrity, and aesthetic with a single heavy weight crank on a perforated I-beam to adjust from sitting to standing height.

Edison Design Co.

The Empire

Solid, strong, and powerful, The Empire is a force to stand the tests of time and relevance. Inspired by the symbol that still towers over New York City, this crank desk or table represents the ingenuity and hard work of the industrial revolution.

Edison Design Co.

The Five Boroughs

The essential idea that brings the city together, the Five Boroughs are the history and identity of everything New York City and the Edison Power Company. This drafting desk represents the people that built it, the craftsmen, engineers and designers.